High Quality

PVC Pipes

TDI is key source of PVC pipes which provides custom plastic pipes, tubes and products for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors throughout Ethiopia.

Specs of our Poly Vinyl Chloride Pipes

TDI offers a wide selection of durable PVC pipes for a variety of purposes including: pressure and non-pressure water supply, waste water, irrigation, electrical and telecommunication lines.

  • Sizes ranging from 16mm to 630mm
  • Pressure grades PN4—PN25
  • TDI’s PVC Pipes are produced in accordance with ISO1452-2, DIN
  • Integral insulation adds increasing demand for electrical conduit

PVC Plant

TDI’s Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) production line has currently a maximum capacity of 630 mm. The 3 PVC extrusion lines have an annual production capacity of 15000 metric tons.