Agricultural activity is by far the largest consumer of water in Ethiopia. An estimated 93 percent of all water withdrawals in the country (surface water and groundwater) are for agricultural use, much higher than the global average of 70 percent. However, water withdrawn for agriculture represents only an estimated four percent of the overall country’s available renewable water resources. While Ethiopia has relatively abundant water resources, it is considered ‘water stressed’ due to rapid population growth over the last decade. Estimates of renewable annual groundwater per year range from 13.5 to 28 billion m³, of which only about 2.6 billion m³ are currently exploitable.
The Government of Ethiopia aims to increase access to safe water supply and basic sanitation in rural and urban areas and to invest more resources into water related infrastructure. For example, under the One WASH National Program, the Government of Ethiopia aims to increase access to safe water supply to 98 percent for rural areas and 100 percent for urban areas and to provide all Ethiopians with access to basic sanitation.
The Wolaita Sodo town has access to improved water supply which was estimated to be 67.9%. The main water sources of the town were tap water within the yard, which was estimated to be 44.7%, and tap water in the community was 40.0% followed by private protected well which was 14.5%. Ninety-one percent of the households had at least one type of latrine in their homes. The most common type of latrine available to households was pit latrine with superstructure which was estimated to be 75.9% followed by a pit without superstructure.
The town administration had been in continuous effort to increase access of clean water distribution to the community and had raised fund to realize its vision. In collaboration with Wolaita Sodo town administration water and resource bureau, TDI have signed a contractual agreement to produced and supplied different sized HDPE pipes; having fulfill our commitments and delivered the pipes to the bureau for successful completion of the project. In addition to that, we have also provided our technical consultation, HDPE pipes welding supports along with our welding machines.
The installation was successfully completed and the overall execution of the contract by TDI have excited and convinced the town’s administration which we are so proud to get such a testimony from the administration.

Thus, we want to congratulate TDI’s management, production and technical team and also TDI’s staffs for showcasing your abilities and professionalism in timely execution of the project. Together with the commitment to be a solution provider, TDI always aims to render its cooperation to the regional government’s initiatives and support their water distribution and sanitation initiatives.

                                                                                                    “Committing to Quality, Committing to You”
Our HDPE pipes, Butt-welded HDPE Fittings and welding machines in action in Wolaita Sodo town water distribution project.