Our company, Tana Drilling and Industries Plc is proud to announce that we are managed to produce and supply OD 355mm high-quality HDPE pipes (as per ISO 4427, with PE 100 raw material) for our esteemed customer “BIGETA CONSTRUCTION & BUSINESS PLC” for Water Supply project of DARCHA Woreda Gurage zone which is being financed by Necati Erill and Coordinated.
Project: DARCHA Woreda Water Project (The objective of the Project is to improve access to safe water by expanding and improving water supply facilities through the development of deep wells, expansion of distribution networks, construction of distribution reservoirs in Gurage zone Darcha Woreda)
The project would underpin economic development in woreda and improve the lives and health of the population by delivering reliable, safe and affordable water supply and it is key for the success of other commercial and economic reforms in the region.
Project relevance: The project is relevant as it contributes toward meeting the demand for water supply by the communities in Darcha Woreda and the surrounding towns and eases the daily burden of the population in the area.
Location: Gurage zone Darcha Woreda
Beneficiaries: more than 7,500 households (population) of Gurage zone Darcha Woreda, SNNP
Implemented by: Give water and SNNP
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